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Few people would set off across the world with only 3 pairs of undies - but thats what one man passing through Darwin is doing.Sydney man Rob Armstrong, 28, is escaping the heat and riding from Wollongong to Iceland on his Suzuki DR650 Motorbike.

He's hanging around Darwin this week trying to get a crewing spot on a yacht to Timor - and he may have found a slot after talking to yachtie's at Dinah Beach. "I haven't really done much sailing - I raced on a guy's boat last sunday", he said.

The mechanical engineer thought that Iceland would be a good destination because it's climate is the opposite of Australia's."I just needed to get out of the country", he said."If i didn't do it now i never would. Some think it's awesome, some think i'm an idiot."

He has sold everything he owns to fund the trip and plans to ship the bike to Timor.  "I've got 3 pairs of undies and 3 pairs of socks and i wash them as often as i find water," he said.

Once in Iceland, he might do a lap of the country and then look for work on a north sea oil rig - before planning another adventure.

NT NEWS 15 Nov 2011
By Conor Byrne


After a year or so, the man finally arrived in Yogyakarta and settled here for the last 3 months
Early February, Rob visited Darizt Design and shared his wonderful journey with us, before he started his journey again.

Good luck and be safe,
wherever you are Rob

Check his cool pics and vids

The first year Part 1 from Rob Armstrong on Vimeo.

The first year part 2 from Rob Armstrong on Vimeo.

The first year Part 3 from Rob Armstrong on Vimeo.


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